When should your pool filters be cleaned?

The answer to the question of how often you should clean your filter is straightforward. You should clean the pool filter when the pressure on your gauge reaches 8-10 psi over the standard starting pressure.

Pool Filter Cleaning - How To Tell Your Pool Filter Need Cleaning or Replacement

Pool Filter Cleaning – How To Tell Your Pool Filter Need Cleaning or Replacement

Example: If you bought brand new filter cartridges and the psi was 10 when you first began the system, you’d need to clean that filter when the pressure hits 18 psi. You should also clean your pool filter at the following times:

  • During the treatment of an algal bloom
  • Following big storms,
  • When it comes to opening or closing your pool,

When should pool filters be replaced?

Most individuals replace their filter cartridges every 3-5 years, but don’t base your decision just on the amount of time that has gone; instead, assess your filter’s performance or feel free to contact a pool service company for their evaluation. Depending on the demand placed on the cartridge, your time frame may be longer or shorter. Because there is no expiration date on a cartridge, it’s critical to recognize the signals that it needs to be replaced.

How to Tell a Cartridge Filter Needs To Be Replaced

First, let’s look at the bands. Those bands are not wear bands, unlike what you may have heard. This implies that if a band breaks, the cartridge does not need to be replaced right away. The bands, on the other hand, will wear out with time. Look closely at the cartridge if you notice a lot of breakage on the bands to make sure it’s still in good shape. Because those bands are designed to provide appropriate spacing between the pleats of the filter, if they break, your filtering ability will be hindered.

Diagnose If Pool Filter Replacement is Necessary

Examine the cartridge’s colors next. It’ll never be as white as it was when you got it, but it shouldn’t have any dark brown or oily stains that are permanent. If it does, it’s saturated with oils. To remove the oils, put it in a cartridge cleaning for a few minutes. You may need to replace the cartridge if the oils won’t come out using a good cartridge cleansing solution.

IMPORTANT ADVICE: Using any type of acid dilution on a filter cartridge is not a good idea.

Look between the pleats now. You don’t have to inspect them all, but you should do enough to get a decent idea of whether the material is fraying or coming apart. If the material appears to be deteriorating, you should replace the cartridge right away because it is no longer providing adequate filtering.

Finally, and by far the most obvious evidence that the filter cartridge has to be replaced, the end caps are broken. Small stress cracks may not be a concern, but any actual breaks in the cap indicate that the cartridge should be replaced right away. Not to worry though, replacing a pool filter is one of the most economical pool repairs to make.

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Pool Filter Cleaning - Before & After

Pool Filter Cleaning – Before & After

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