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Is Your Pool In Need of Repair?

Pool Repair Williamsburg Virginia 

Fox Pools LLC offers pool repair services to residents of Williamsburg Virginia. Repairing or replacing your pool equipment doesn’t have to ruin your fun in the sun. We keep our vans fully stocked with parts from multiple manufacturers, allowing us to make most repairs/replacements in a single appointment.

Pool Repair Services

Fox Pools offers a wide range of pool repair services. It’s our mission to provide the fastest service times possible, getting you back to splashing in your pool in no time! Fox Pools pool repair in Williamsburg will help you with the following repairs.

  • POOL MOTORS – Is your pump not turning on? Turning off when it’s not supposed to?  Neighbors complaining about a squealing/shrieking noise?  Chances are it’s time for a new motor.
  • POOL PUMP – See water dripping underneath the pump?  Pump not priming? Poor water flow? We carry an assortment of gaskets, seals, baskets, lids, and impellers for all brands of pumps to get them operating like new.
  • BOOSTER/CLEANER/AUXILIARY PUMPS – Is your pool cleaner not moving? It might be because the pump that drives it is no longer operating. We’ll have it zipping around your pool in no time!
  • POOL PLUMBING – Have a pesky leak? Water “pooling” around your equipment? A broken or inoperable valve?  We stay fully stocked on PVC parts for 1 1/2” and 2” plumbing.
  • POOL FILTERS – Getting Sand or D.E. in the bottom of your pool? We replace all types of filter manifolds, laterals, and grids. Cartridge filter pressure staying high no matter how much you clean it? We supply highly efficient, high quality filter replacements.
  • POOL AUTOMATION – Did the screen suddenly go blank?  Certain equipment not getting power? Buttons not registering?  We can analyze your complete system to isolate and repair the problem to get it back on track.  If you just moved and you aren’t sure about the specific features of your system, we can help you with that too!
  • POOL CHLORINATORS – Low chlorine levels in your pool?  Tablets not dissolving?  Whether it’s In-Line or Off-Line, we’ll get your chlorinator sanitizing effectively.
  • POOL SALT SYSTEMS – Seeing an “Inspect Cell” light on that won’t go away?  Is the “No Flow” light on even though the pump is running?  Salt readings too high?  We can replace a bad salt cell or repair a faulty control box.
  • POOL HEATERS – Is your heater not turning on at all? Turning on and then shutting down after a short period of time?  Staying on, but not heating to the correct temperature?  We have the expertise to troubleshoot all manufacturers’ heaters and access to numerous parts to make the necessary repairs.
  • POOL DIVING BOARDS – Has your diving board seen one too many cannonballs?  Is it cracked or broken?  We can remove your old board and replace it.
  • POOL LIGHTS – Is your pool light not turning on?  Is it loose or coming out of the wall? We’ll help you keep the darkness at bay.

Fox Pools does not clean, maintain, or chemically balance pools. This enables us to schedule and perform repairs for all our clients as expediently as possible. We believe in empowering our clients to handle this aspect of pool ownership themselves, so we can quickly tackle the complex repairs for them! We are happy to provide guidance or answer any questions you may have regarding cleaning, maintaining, or balancing your pool.

Fox Pools Services is here to help!

Fox Pools LLC is a swimming pool service and repair company serving all of Williamsburg. We perform pool service and pool repair, pool inspections, pool safety covers, pool openings, pool closings and more! Call Fox Pools today for your swimming pool needs.

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