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A Comprehensive Guide to Opening Your Pool

As summer heats up, its inviting call of a refreshing pool becomes irresistible. Opening one marks a fresh season filled with fun and relaxation – whether as a homeowner, resort manager, community organizer, or otherwise. However, this process must be undertaken carefully with strict adherence to safety regulations in mind. In this comprehensive guide, we will outline all the steps and considerations required for successfully opening  a pool. 

Before beginning the process of opening your pool, it’s essential to evaluate its condition. Conduct an in-depth inspection to identify any damage or maintenance issues during its off-season use, such as cracks, leaks or any signs of wear and tear. Also, ensure that its filtration system, pumps, and heaters function optimally. This will prevent surprises from spoiling its opening day experience! The opening season should run more smoothly by taking proactive steps early and addressing these concerns promptly.

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  1. Assemble Your Dream Team: Hiring Professionals and Staff

Opening a pool requires teamwork. Complex tasks such as chemical balancing, equipment maintenance and complying with safety regulations require hiring qualified service technicians; for larger facilities, it may also be important to recruit lifeguards and pool attendants to maintain an enjoyable and safe experience for visitors.

2. Harness the Power of Prep: Cleaning and Chemical Balancing

One of the key steps in opening a pool is thorough cleaning. Remove any leaves or objects that have accumulated over winter. Clean pool walls, tiles, and skimmers to eliminate algae or grime build-up. Test and balance chemical composition, including pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels. Maintaining proper water chemistry ensures swimmer comfort and prevents bacteria or algae growth.

3. Safety First: Inspecting and Upgrading Pool Safety Measures

As a responsible pool owner or manager, prioritizing safety should always come first. Before opening the pool to the public, conduct a comprehensive safety inspection of its fences, gates, latches, depth markers, safety signage, and emergency equipment like life rings, shepherd’s hooks, and first aid kits in good condition for optimal use and easy accessibility.

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Establishing a pool can be an exciting endeavor that requires thorough planning and preparation. A safe swimming environment can be created by carefully inspecting its condition, recruiting a dedicated team, and providing regular cleaning and chemical balancing. Furthermore, prioritizing safety measures (e.g. inspections/upgrades/inspection plans/updating as needed)  can add to creating memories you’ll want to remember this season-long after it ends! 

Are you looking to make a splash this summer? Our pool experts are here to ensure a successful opening experience. From maintenance, chemical balancing, and safety inspections to chemical treatment solutions, we’ve got you covered. Contact Fox Pools to schedule your service today! 

A Guide to Properly Opening and Closing Your Pool

You’ve created a resort in your own backyard. The neighbors are green with jealousy over your luxurious backyard pool. When summer rolls around, everyone wants to come to your place for barbecues, parties, and unforgettable times. But there’s a terrible price to pay for being the place where good things happen, which is maintenance. Every person who owns a pool knows how important it is to open and close it down at the end of each season. You can save money on repairs and maintenance by following the correct procedures for opening and closing your pool.

A Guide to Properly Opening and Closing Your Pool

Fox Pools offers these services as part of a full seasonal package that includes pool opening and closings, as well as repairs.

Closing Your Pool

You need to remember that closing the pool is the same as winterizing. It’s trickier than the opening and needs more prep work. When water freezes, its volume increases, causing significant stress on the pipes and other equipment. This happens if you don’t blow them out or drain them properly. Before closing your pool, you need to have your water professionally tested and balanced at your local pool store. Most places do testing for free!

Some of the most important things we do during pool closings are:

·       Get rid of the pool toys, leaves, and debris.

·       Add winterizing chemical kits with the appropriate dosage

·       Lower your water level to the appropriate point to account for rainfall.

·       Prepare your lines and machinery for the winter. This includes blowing out all the lines with a high-pressure air blower and capping them off.

·       Remove handrails, ladders, and other accessories

·       Clean your DE or cartridge filter.

·       Put on the cover for the winter.

Opening Your Pool

Like most people, you undoubtedly have mixed feelings about opening your pool. There’s no need to dread opening your own pool each spring. Every spring, we use the same techniques and equipment to open hundreds of pools of varying sizes and shapes.

Here are the important procedures we follow while opening your pool for the swimming season:

·       First, clean the pool cover of any debris, leaves, dirt, etc.

·       If any water has accumulated on the pool cover, empty it.

·       Remove and store the cover.

·       Assembly your system and start the filtering process.

·       Vacuum the pool with 2 different types of vacuums, brush, and net.

·       Shock pool and add algaecide.

·       This is just a one-day visit with no follow-up cleanings and no chemical balancing. It is expected the customer will take over for the follow-up cleanings and have the water tested at your local pool store.

Let’s look at some reasons why you should hire a contractor to close your pool:

It makes pool opening easier

Since closing the pool maintains hygienic conditions, you won’t need to do as much to get the pool opened again. A clean and balanced pool is essential to an easy pool opening.

This helps maintain the purity of the pool water

The most noticeable advantage of winterizing your pool is the ability to maintain pristine water conditions. After emptying the pool of trash and using the right chemicals, you can cover it without further concern for contamination. A vacation from daily pool maintenance for a number of months is another perk.

Your family will be safer as a result

The use of a cover for the pool’s surface is an integral part of the closing process. A pool cover may look like a tarp to some, but most are quite sturdy and can carry quite a bit of weight. It helps protect your kids or pets against a potential fall or injury from this.

Your pool equipment will be safe from harm

The cost of the pool itself is substantial, as is the potential cost of the necessary equipment. Properly opening and closing your pool prevents frozen pipes and other damage to your pool’s equipment when you’re not using it.

A Guide to Properly Opening and Closing Your Pool

Important information regarding opening and closing your pool

Pool closing

Using high-powered blowers, we drain the pool to the bottom of the skimmer, seal off the plumbing lines, clean the filter, clean the pool of leaves and debris, put away the ladders, and cover the pool. We can also supply and add the necessary chemical kits for winterizing at this time.

Pool opening

Your pool cover will be taken off, and stored while we reinstall the pool’s ladders and handrails and reassemble the pool system. We’ll also run a series of tests to ensure everything is working. When we open a pool, we clean the pool with two different vacuums, a brush, and a net. We also add the needed shock and algaecides. We do not do any follow-up cleaning or balancing, the opening is a one day event. Clients should take charge of this part of the pool opening process. In most cases, this results in significant financial and time savings for them. In case you need any assistance or have any questions about opening and closing your pool, we’re here to help.

Let the professionals handle opening and closing your pool.

The process of opening and closing your pool can be time-consuming and laborious. Ignoring even the smallest of details might result in significant losses. Avoid this hassle by signing up for expert pool closing services. Ensure the safety of your pool and family by scheduling the opening and closing of your pool with Fox Pools today. Contact us today!