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Pool Closing Service

Pool Closing Service

Our pool closing service is the absolute best way to protect your swimming pool. With our complete winterization service you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that your swimming pool will be safe during the winter and in ready to use condition next season.

Our Pool Winterization / Pool Closing Service Includes:

Let the experts at Fox Pools help you properly close down your pool for the off-season.

Complete Pool Closing Winterization Service $150

  • Removing all leaves and debris from the swimming pool
  • Backwashing the filtration system
  • Draining your pool pump and heater
  • Plugging the returns and skimmers
  • Removing and storing all deck equipment (ladders, handrails, etc…)
  • Inspecting and installing a pool safety cover
  • Blowing off the pool deck area and equipment pad
  • Adding winterizing chemicals

When Should You Close Your Pool?

One of the most common pool maintenance questions we get asked is, “When should I close my pool?”.

Typically most pool owners look to close their swimming pool down for the season shortly after Labor Day. The primary reason is that with children going back to school and the cooler autumn months around the corner, most home owners just don’t see as much use out of their swimming pool after September. Unless you have a pool heater and plan to extend your swim season a bit, the uninviting temperature of the water can make keeping your pool operational after Labor Day more trouble then it’s worth. When the water temperature is constantly below 60 degrees, it is prudent to close your pool.

Winterize your pool will help protect it from freezing. Pool closing service helps prevent damage.

Winterizing your pool will help protect it from freezing. Pool closing service helps prevent damage.

Closing your pool alleviates the worry about your pump or filter equipment freezing once winter comes. Draining the water out of the system (but not the actual swimming pool itself) is part of winterizing your pool and getting it closed for the off-season.

Why You Should Close Your Swimming Pool In The Off-Season

The easiest approach to protect your pool investment is to close it for the season from September to October. An early freeze in November or December can quickly damage your pool and it will be far too late to close it by then if that happens. Closing your pool in the off-season will make the start of next season a breeze. To make the water swimmable again, you’ll need fewer chemicals. By adopting preventative actions, you can even extend the life of pool surfaces and your pool equipment. It takes a little extra effort, but it’s nothing compared to how much labor it will be to open your pool again next summer if you don’t close it properly.

Avoid a dirty pool in the summer by closing your pool in the off-season.

Avoid a dirty pool in the summer by closing your pool in the off-season.

Consider that for a moment. While your pool is left open all summer, leaves, bugs, twigs, and anything else that may blow in are likely to end up in the water. The entire summer is spent removing all of those items from the water before they have a chance to settle and decay in the water if the swimming pool is being used frequently and actively maintained.

Consider what would happen if you left your pool exposed all winter, but didn’t use it, skim it, brush it, or vacuum it every day. All of that material, plus more, would be wreaking havoc; clogging the skimmer, and messing with the chemistry of your pool.

When the time comes to reopen your pool, you would have a lot of work ahead of you just to get it swimmable again. It’s possible to avoid all of that simply by closing your pool for the season; it’s a low maintenance strategy towards protecting your pool. Installing a pool safety cover and winterizing your swimming pool for the off-season is the #1 way to ensure that your swimming pool will be protected from the elements and be in ready-to-swim condition with a minimal amount of pool service or chemical maintenance in order to open in next season.