Backyard Pool Games

Backyard Pool Games

With fun backyard pool games, you’ll be ready for your next backyard pool party. Children and adults will have a great time with these pool games at your next summer party. After all, the best summer activities are right in your own backyard—you don’t have to travel far to find them. If you are fortunate enough to own a pool, you already know how much fun it is for youngsters to spend their summer vacations swimming. Whether it’s an inflatable ring toss or a game of volleyball with friends, these creative ideas will add to their fun in the water.

Backyard Pool Games

Squirt gun races are a couple more entertaining do-it-yourself backyard pool games. Even educational pool games like a kickboard number hunt and number basketball can be thrown in for good measure. Everyone at your backyard pool party will have a fantastic time both in and out of the water.

Here are some backyard pool games to consider this summer.

Volleyball and basketball

Whether played one-on-one or in teams, volleyball and basketball are a lot of fun in a backyard pool. You can organize these backyard pool games as you desire. Whether you want to keep track of the score or just have fun with the shooting hoops and ball, it’s up to you.

You can have hours of active fun either way.

Marco Polo

This is a good pool game in that you can involve a large group of swimmers, and it’s straightforward to learn. For example, the “fish out of water” strategy is frequently employed to keep the game fresh. Because you don’t need any special equipment to play Marco Polo, you can enjoy it at any time.

Belly Flop

Participate with caution in this pool game, which may be uncomfortable. Only a suitable starting position (ideally the diving board) and an impartial observer are what you need. During the competition, participants take turns leaping and landing on their bellies. They do this in an attempt to generate as much splash and noise as possible. The redness of a jumper’s tummy is frequently a good sign of who the winner is.

Pool Racing

You don’t need any equipment to play this pool game. Competitors can race to see who is the fastest on a single lap or several laps at once. Other ways to vary their workout include switching strokes or trying to swim further than they have previously.

Swimming with Your Breath Held

Even a basic contest like holding one’s breath for the longest possible time might have numerous advantages. Diving, fishing, and emergency scenarios can all benefit from it. In addition, it’s an excellent way to pass the time while swimming or if you’re a competitive individual. You can even try to communicate with someone underwater and see if they can figure out what you’re saying.

Watermelon Ball

Have you yet to try your hand at a watermelon ball? There is no reason why you should not be. Rugby, basketball, and football all meet in the water in Watermelon Ball, a unique backyard pool game. Unlike a basketball, participants can dribble and pass the watermelon ball underwater up to 10 feet.

Sharks and Minnows

You need a few friends to play this game, but the continual action makes it quite addictive. A “shark man” at one end of the pool, and “minnows” at the other, both trying to get close to the edge. Once all the minnows begin swimming at the same time, if any get caught, they turn into sharks for the next round. Those minnows that make it to the other side of the pool safely should begin their new journey at the beginning. The victor is the last man standing, and he is a minnow.

What to consider in backyard pool games


Some backyard pool games and toys, such as ring toss or pool volleyball, may demand a lot of hand-eye coordination. You and your family can play plenty of games on the water if you don’t have the skill to catch the ball or toss it. Of course, making a few mistakes can be just as entertaining.

Backyard Pool Games

Recommended age group

Although a game’s packaging may indicate a broad age range, it’s crucial to examine the ability of each player to swim. Regardless of age, if a game calls for participation in the deep end and your youngster is not comfortable in the water, you may want to reconsider or come up with a plan B. The same holds true for backyard pool games that require the player to count or read.

 Being able to float

If you are not fond of diving into the backyard pool for a sinking game component, be sure to look at the packaging of this game to see if the products contained will float before you buy them. To ensure that you don’t have to purchase an additional air supply for the game’s inflatable components, check to see if the game’s packing includes a pump. Most of the time, a bicycle pump will do.


Whatever the size of your inground back pool, there are a plethora of backyard pool games to make it more exciting. You’ll have plenty of fun in your backyard if you do these things. Get in touch with Fox Pools immediately if you need exceptional pool service and want to make the most of your backyard pool lifestyle.

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