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Why Invest in a Variable Speed Pump?

Indisputably, pool pumps are the circulatory system of the pool. Without a pump, your pool would be a large mass of stagnated water. Back in the day, single-speed pumps were popular among a majority of pool owners. But today, variable speed pumps are becoming more common. Pool professionals report that a variable speed pump is better compared to conventional pool pumps. Thus, they are worth the investment.

Why Invest in a Variable Speed Pump?

Benefits of investing in a variable speed pump

Energy-saving option

Although swimming pools offer a wide array of benefits, they incorporate high initial and lifetime costs. A swimming pool can raise your electricity bills. Fortunately, these pumps are energy-saving. They do not consume a lot of energy; hence, they cut your electricity bill by up to 90%. Additionally, They deliver maximum efficiency and functionality. Nevertheless, note that these devices are more expensive upon purchase.

Higher longevity

One of the main advantages of this pump is that it offers maximum durability. Variable speed pumps do not produce as much heat and vibration as two-speed and single-speed pumps. Therefore, they are less susceptible to wear and tear. Moreover, a good percentage of these pumps use internal cooling fans; hence, they do not wear and tear quickly.

Minimal noise

You should invest in a variable speed pump because it radiates less noise. Unlike conventional pool pumps, variable speed pumps work quietly. Thus, they do not become a distraction for you and your neighbors at night. You can easily sleep peacefully during the night.

Caters to a broad spectrum of requirements

Many cater to a wide range of requirements. They operate using different speeds. So, you can always set your preferred water flow rate. Keep in mind that water features function best at a specific water flow rate. Also, low water flow rates are ideal during filtration and cleaning. Pool owners can always regulate the water flow when working with a these pumps. Consequently, they keep your water in perfect condition at all times.

Advanced Control Systems

A variable speed pump enables you to set your operation times. For example, you can set the pump to run for 12 or 10 hours, depending on your requirements. Thus, you don’t have to keep going back to the pool just to turn off the pool pump. Some modern models also allow you to regulate the pool pump using your smartphone or a blue tooth device. Thus, they are user-friendly. Additionally, most of these pumps are compatible with a wide range of automated devices.

Signs that you need to upgrade to a variable speed pump

Although the purchase costs of this devices are high, this equipment offers a wide range of benefits. Below are specific experiences that will help you know it’s time to invest in a variable speed pump.

High electricity bills at the end of the month

As mentioned earlier, two-speed and single-speed pumps can significantly increase your electricity bills. Conversely, they are energy-saving. Therefore, you can save a lot of money with this pump. Since they do not consume much energy, you can cut down your electricity bill by approximately 90% with these pumps.

Disturbing noises coming from your pump

If the noise coming from your pump is becoming a nuisance to your neighbors, consider purchasing a variable speed pump. They work quietly. Hence, they provide a peaceful environment for you and your neighbors. Besides, you don’t want to get into trouble with your neighbors just because of a pool pump.

State regulations

Some states require that all pool owners upgrade their pumps to variable speed pumps. In such scenarios, you have no choice but to purchase one. These state regulations are usually placed to help save on energy consumption across the state.

Why Invest in a Variable Speed Pump?

You need to replace the pool pump timer

Conventional pool pumps usually have a timer that is prone to wear and tear after some years of use. If you have a damaged timer, consider purchasing a variable speed pump. They come with inbuilt timers that enable you to control the pump based on your preference.

Large swimming pool

It is much cheaper to run a larger pool with a variable speed pump. Running the pool using a conventional pool pump can cost a fortune. Therefore, always invest in one for a large pool.

Invest in a variable speed pump today!

Generally, these pumps are a better option compared to conventional pool pumps. This is because these pumps are energy-saving and work better. As a result, pool experts advise investing in a good model. Here at Fox Pools, we help you identify the most suitable variable speed pump that caters to your requirements. From there, we deliver quality installation. If you are thinking of investing in one, do not hesitate to contact us today.