How Often You Need Pool Filter Cleaning?

Understanding the Types of Pool Pump Motors

Swimming pools are a popular amenity throughout all age groups. They are a terrific way to cool off during the summer, keep in shape, and spend time with loved ones. However, there’s more to it than just having one. They need effort, resources, and expertise. Getting the best pool pump motors is important for the success of your backyard paradise as a whole.

Understanding the Types of Pool Pump Motors

There are few things more important than a well-functioning pool pump motor when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness and clarity of your swimming pool right now. The pool pump motors draw dirty water into the filter systems. The best pool pump motors allow for thorough water cleaning.

What are pool pump motors?

These pool equipment help to power and circulate the pool water. It’s essential to keep the pool water clean and safe for swimming.

The water in the pool is sucked out by the pool pump motors and sent on its way for purification (via filtration, heating, and chlorination). In the end, the motor will return the purified water to the pool for use by everyone.

Choosing pool pump motors: some important considerations

Pool size

The capacity of the pool in gallons is proportional to its dimensions. The flow rate is the amount of water transported in a given amount of time.

On average, it takes four to six hours for a swimming pool’s water to complete an entire circulation cycle. This must occur twice daily, at the very least. Even though this won’t ensure that every last drop of water can be recycled, it greatly improves the likelihood. To figure out the flow rate, you need to know how often the water cycle happens as a whole.

The availability of outdoor space

Before putting in a pool pump, you should measure the available space in your outdoor space. A reasonably sized pump will be adequate to maintain the pool’s water temperature within the constraints of an indoor swimming facility. However, you can install huge pool pump motors in the backyard with plenty of space. Therefore, having one is essential for an outdoor pool.

Parts of swimming pool pump motors

A pool pump motor consists of these three main parts:

  • Housing
  • Motor
  • Impeller

The essential components of a pool pump are the motor, the impeller, and the housing. The motor starts the pumping process by turning a rotor called an impeller. The pool’s water is sucked up by the inverted blade and sent toward the filter.

The housing features a lightweight, corrosion-proof composite that can withstand extreme heat and pressure. It houses the pump’s motor and impeller as well as the strainer basket, diffuser, and cover.

A pump’s impeller can be severely damaged by debris like leaves, twigs, and pebbles if caught in the strainer basket. Regular cleaning of the basket is necessary to ensure its continued usefulness.

Types of pool pump motors

A larger pool will require a more powerful pump. If you buy the incorrect pool pump, it can cause damage to your pool and the motor, in addition to using more power than necessary.

To assist you in selecting the best pool pump motors, we have included the following descriptions of the various models currently on the market:


It’s the go-to option for most pool owners because it’s cheap. It pumps water as effectively as any other pump, so buying one is a wise investment. But because of its higher energy requirements, this pump is ideal for infrequently used pools. One good way to avoid raising your electric bill is to turn it off while you aren’t using your backyard pool.


This pool pump features both high and low pumping speeds. Low speed is best for smaller pools because of energy savings. High-velocity pool pump motors are enough for average-sized swimming pools. In addition, they operate as quickly as single-speed models.


This equipment has variable speeds. Manufacturer-set speeds are fixed, and you can’t change them. You may be able to adjust the velocity of the water in your backyard pool, depending on its size and your needs.

Understanding the Types of Pool Pump Motors


You can adjust the flow rate of these pool pump motors using the included variable speed controller. These days, some models can do that automatically. However, it is also the most expensive type of pool because of its superior efficiency.


Picking a pump for your pool doesn’t have to be difficult. Determine the pool’s volume and how fast you want the water to circulate to determine the best model for your needs.

Then, choose whether a variable-speed, dual-speed or single-speed pump would suit your needs. Once you’ve decided, it’s time to research pool pump motors. Take a look at the voltages and flow rates to ensure they suit your needs. Fox Pools is the company to call if you’re looking for professional pool service. Contact us today!

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