Pool Safety Covers From Fox Pools LLC

The Importance of Pool Safety Covers

Pool safety covers play a critical role in preventing accidents, and maintaining cleanliness, making them an essential investment for any pool owner concerned with safety and maintenance. Residents of Chesapeake Virginia that own a pool can benefit greatly from a pool safety cover installation from Fox Pools LLC. Learn more about the importance of pool safety covers below.

  1. Prevent Accidental Drowning: Pool safety covers are designed to prevent accidental drowning, especially for young children and pets. These covers can support the weight of a person, preventing them from falling into the water.
  2. Safety Barrier: They provide a physical barrier over the pool, reducing the risk of unauthorized access when the pool is not in use.
  3. Reduce Maintenance: Pool safety covers help to keep debris out of the pool like leaves, dirt and other objects, which reduces the amount of cleaning and maintenance required.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Some types of pool covers also help to retain heat in the water, reducing the amount of energy needed to keep the pool at a comfortable temperature.
  5. Compliance and Legal Requirements: In many places, especially in public and commercial settings, pool safety covers are required by law or regulation to ensure the safety of users.
  6. Extended Lifespan of Pool Equipment: By reducing exposure to the elements and debris, pool covers can also extend the lifespan of pool equipment such as pumps and filters, saving on maintenance and replacement costs.

Solid and Mesh Pool Safety Covers from GLI & Latham

Your standard winter pool safety cover is no more than a tarp held down with water tubes, providing little to no protection from accidental intrusion of children or stray animals. Custom Solid and mesh  pool safety covers are designed to protect your family and lower your maintenance costs throughout the winter.

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Each safety cover is custom measured for an exact fit of your pool. They are exceptionally strong, durable, and can last over 15 years. Your backyard will look great, and the “peace of mind” that you will carry throughout the winter months is well worth the investment.

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